The Indiependent Collective



Formerly The Young Blood Podcast (Young Blood) in its initial launch in August 2020, the show rebranded into The Indiependent Collective (IndieCo) in January 2022. Before The Indiependent Collective, Young Blood adapted the published personal essays of Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Young Blood into a 20 to 59 minute podcast show, and as of March 2022, we have reached more than 50,000 people globally and have 6,000 established listeners.


Last January 1, 2022, we were officially rebranded into The Indiependent Collective or IndieCo, a media startup that encompasses and exceeds the work we did at Young Blood. We put the youth and young-at-heart at the center of every story we create, celebrate, and discover. We tell stories we love—from big and small, funny and complex, and from all backgrounds in hopes to inspire the next generation of independent thinkers and leaders.


Our purpose is to create a safe space for young thought leaders, innovators, and the youth at large to see themselves reflected in the media and make them feel empowered to create change. We want the next generation of independent leaders and thinkers to stay informed about news they care about, to be able to see and share stories of amazing people doing important things and to provide more opportunities to showcase humanity.


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