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What does IndieCo do?

IndieCo is a discovery and submission platform for writing opportunities. Writers can browse writing opportunities and submit their work for selection. The rights are retained by the writers. Paying customers (publishers, merchants, etc.) can view projects, track submissions, manage judging, and communicate with writers.

What sectors and market segments does IndieCo operate in?.

We’re a B2C, B2B vertical SaaS operating in the literary, entertainment and publishing industry. We streamline the entire publishing process from outsourcing writers, organizing submissions, editing manuscripts, to post-editorial production all the way to when the documents are ready for purchase in e-book and hardcopy. We also allow writers to browse writing opportunities or get a match with publishers based on their portfolio.

Initially, IndieCo did not plan on being a tech startup. In fact, in 2020 we started out as a podcast based on the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s YoungBlood Column. And our podcast interviews with over 100 writers, editors, and publishers became the basis of our idea to create a solution to their common problem: all-over-the-place resources, with little to no automation.

To build IndieCo, we spent a full year publishing our own books, understanding our customers, joining incubators, and building our MVP. IndieCo isn’t just revolutionizing the publishing industry, it’s also democratizing opportunities for writers from all sorts of backgrounds, to be able to write for top titles all over the world.

We’re focused on vertical Software as a Service and infrastructure where we can unlock economic opportunities for others, where writers and merchants are winners on both ends of the equation. Our category might look niche, but it’s not. It’s just overlooked.


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