5 Tips on Being a Responsible Pet Owner

Written by: Alliah Rayne Mingcay | 5 months ago

Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash

Whether it is a cat, a dog, a fish, or any other animal that we have and cherish, it is important that we are giving them the best life they deserve. Ever since the pandemic happened, we were not able to see our loved ones for quite some time. Some of us are still hesitant to go out even now, scared of the possible risks we might be exposed to. Nevertheless, pet owners were able to have someone beside them other than their families. Their fur buddies were able to provide the support and love they needed— their fur buddies didn’t leave their side even once.

Even so, a lot of pet owners are not aware of the possible consequences before having a pet. Worse, once they’ve had enough of them, they’ll abandon them in random streets or pound cages. Despite having a lot of private animal rescue organizations, it is impossible to rescue all of them. According to a report published in PhilStar on November 3, 2022, there are currently approximately 13 million stray animals. As a result, many animals are suffering due to the lack of awareness on responsible pet parenting. Some pounds also have no choice but to euthanize these strays, unable to take care of them. 


That being said, here are 5 tips that will allow us to be responsible pet owners.

1. Necessities are being met. The first thing that pet owners have to consider about having a pet is their pet’s necessities. Foods, vitamins, and toiletries are some of the basic needs that pets should have. Even for pets, it is important that they have personal care and proper hygiene for them to live comfortably. 

2. Having a pet emergency fund. Just like people, pets are also prone to vulnerabilities such as illnesses and accidents. Pet owners should be mindful of having an emergency fund for their furries in case something happens. A lot of pet owners are trying to resort to home remedies when their pets are sick, but home remedies might cause more harm to our furry friends. 

3. Spay and neuter them. One of the reasons why stray numbers keep increasing is because of a lack of awareness. Of course, it is outside of pet owners’ control, but spaying and neutering their fur buddies limits the population of stray animals from multiplying. In addition, spaying and neutering them helps our furry friends have healthier and longer lives. This will also help them avoid any behavioral problems. 

4. Active and daily exercise. Our furry friends also need an active social life in order to stay healthy. We can help them avoid health problems like heart failure and more by playing with them or providing them with the toys they require.

5. Love your pet. Many pet owners decided to have them for the sake of having security or ‘bantay’ in their home or having them as emotional support. But it is also important that they are our responsibility and that our fur buddies, too, need to feel loved and secure in our care.

Truth be told, action speaks louder than words. Our fur buddies may not be able to talk to express themselves, but their actions make sure that we are important to them. Therefore, it is important that we, as pet owners, be able to reciprocate the love they have for us.