Are you a 'Maskfisher'? A New Phenomenon in the Dating World

Written by: Natalya Patolot | 9 months ago

People all across the world have been advised to wear masks in public since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Masks have become a metaphor for a wide range of concepts and beliefs over time. At the end of the day, it only covers half of our faces. However, for some people, this has become an issue.

TikTok is well-known for its amusing and occasionally innocuous trends. Users of the app also utilize their platforms to debate a wide range of topics. One of the most recent is a new phenomenon called "mask fishing."

Mask fishing is a type of catfishing. It occurs when someone appears to look "better" or "more attractive" while wearing a mask than they would without it. Some users would ask their followers on Tiktok whether their masks cover up any undesirable features. Others have posted videos in which they claim that their masks cover a lot of their acne or that the upper part of their face does not match the bottom.

Some people are self-conscious about their appearance. They believe that wearing a mask makes them look better. However, they are also afraid of misleading anybody that they encounter in person.

One user, @vicityyy, shared a video on Tiktok in which she stated that someone told her she looked different without a mask. As a result, she is now "terrified" of mask fishing.

Wearing Masks on Dating Profiles - Should you do it?

Mask fishing is a joke for some, but it is also taken seriously by others, especially since online dating is at an all-time high due to the pandemic. People have used these applications to communicate with others even if they do not feel safe meeting with them in person. However, donning a mask has become a hot issue there.

Some individuals believe that people who don't wear masks, don't mention getting a COVID-19 vaccination, or don't mention meeting up safely in their biographies don't care about the pandemic, among other things. When attempting to meet someone new, it's become a political or human rights problem for many individuals, especially in some countries like the United States. As such, wearing a mask has become a symbol of where someone falls in those broad categories.

Wearing a mask on a dating profile is a personal decision that only you can decide. However, keep in mind that many people will make assumptions about you as a result of it. To prevent mask fishing, many people would just simply share unfiltered selfies of their whole face.