CEO of Kumu, Lyon, Synerbyte and TaskMango Grace the First Event of The Indiependent Collective

Written by: Leah Cioco, Daphne Sagun, and Natalya Patolot | 9 months ago

“We thought we made shitty Viber, but it's (Kumu) NOT shitty Viber,” Roland Ros, Co-founder, and CEO of Kumu said. That instantly made everyone’s day. It’s not common for regular student entrepreneurs to be in the same room, albeit online, with the brains of Kumu, the #1 social media app in the country.

The same is true for equally successful founders Alexandro of TaskMango, Jason of Lyon and Cliff of Synerbyte, who shared their warmth in candor to the live participants of The Indiependent Collective’s first event of the year—A CEO Roundtable Discussion: On Building and Perfecting a Rocket Ship Amidst COVID-19 with Alexandro Khemlani, Lyon’s CEO Jason Deniega, Kumu’s CEO Roland Ros, and Synerbyte’s CEO Cliff Eala, moderated by Brainsparks’ very own Founder and President, Coach Artie Lopez.

The chemistry and dynamics of the main speakers were tantamount to that of twins–in fact, they were turning the whole event into a 40-minute podcast episode and yes, it’s that good. The two-hour event took place via Zoom on January 31, 2022 and it was streamed on The Indiependent Collective’s YouTube channel. It was held in partnership with Online SDG Youth Action Forum (OSYAF), AdMU LIONS, Kumu, Lyon, Life, and Work Design, TaskMango, Metroscene Magazine, and

The event covered the topic of building and perfecting start-up businesses, in the context of our current health crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussion was two-fold: (1) building your own startup and (2) navigating its growth amidst the pandemic. The topics were discussed by the featured founders and CEOs of top-performing Filipino companies. The event was also opened and ended by the CEO, Natalya Patolot, and CFO, Leah Cioco, of The Indiependent Collective respectively. Individuals from all over the Philippines participated and received the following: Franchise Manila’s eBook “Introduction to Franchising in the Philippines”, a free onboarding on life and work design and a certificate of participation.

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