Cliff Eala, On Life and Work Design “That Gets You Out of Bed” for Entrepreneurs

Written by: Leah Cioco | 9 months ago

A wise man once said, “Without passion, you’re as good as dead.” While there is some truth to this, the idea of having passion in everything you do seems like a fairy tale that very few can manifest in real life. Practicality and reality must be our priority, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. That’s one of the many beliefs that this week’s featured CEO and serial entrepreneur, Cliff Eala, and I’m with him on that.

Cliff is a tech entrepreneur and author. His company provides last-mile delivery optimization with big data and AI. They also offer energy efficiency technology solutions for commercial and industrial customers across Asia. These include smart optimization for large HVAC systems using AI, IOT alert systems, intelligent lighting, and smart voltage control. Prior to this, he founded and managed a software company, and sold it to a VC fund in 2007.

He sits on the Board of software company Magenic and was a Senior Partner at AI consulting firm ADDO AI. He is an innovation consultant, with exposure in telecom, banking, healthcare, and supply chain. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and a software technology resource person.

He’s also the author of the book Sh*tty Places & Selfish People: 7 Rules of Engagement. And nope, he’s not one of those dropout tech entrepreneurs. He actually has two undergraduate degrees in Socio-Legal Sciences and Philosophy, two graduate degrees in Philosophy and Business, and certifications in Positive Psychology. He’s even headed to the London School of Economics, the 27th best university globally and 5th in the UK, later this year, for the fall semester.

On top of all these responsibilities, he started Life and Work Design, a community that’s rooted in the value of helping people, primarily the Filipinos, design a lifestyle that gets them out of bed. It focuses on the process of really tailor-fitting a lifestyle that works best with your current circumstances. It’s an iterative process where you understand yourself, challenge first principles about life, and try new and different ways of living and working that are more attuned to your happiness and well-being.

It’s literally for everyone. It’s not just for those who are in their early twenties or those who are having midlife or even a quarter-life crisis. Say you’re a fresh grad confused about what to do or let’s say you’re 27 and changed jobs so many times already or let’s say you’re even in midlife with kids out of school but still feel a bit lost, you have an opportunity to redesign your life. And I can guarantee that the community is both fun and motivational to be in–I’ve been there for quite a while now, after having been invited by Cliff himself.

Diving deeper into the conversation, we talked about life design for entrepreneurs–a special breed. They’re the relentless ones with unbroken optimism and a thirst for solving exceptional problems. According to Cliff, the first question to ask is, “Is this for me?” It’s important that the answer is hell yes–if it’s just an unenthusiastic yes, then don’t go for it.

More importantly, as billionaire techpreneur Elon Musk once said, you’ve got to be ready to figuratively stare into a dark abyss and eat broken glass without losing that optimistic outlook should you choose to found a startup. Joining Cliff’s community of like-minded people who believe that things will only get better.