Dela Kate, On Achieving Her Dream Body and Developing a Healthy Relationship with Food

Written by: Leah Cioco | 9 months ago

“You’re a health and fitness TikTok influencer, a Dean’s Lister, and a full-time pawrent?” While I expected an Elle-woods inspired answer, “What, like it’s hard?” Dela Kate kept it real and grounded when she told us that she was still finding the right balance. In fact, all throughout her interview, whenever she received a compliment, she made sure to show the real reel behind her successes.

When asked how she managed to work out consistently, she explained that she’s not always motivated. When asked about her rising star status on TikTok, she shared a moment when one of her videos got some hate and in effect made her a stronger person and a better influencer who’s careful about what she shares online. Since then and with all the lessons she’s learned in and out of TikTok, her roller-coaster ride’s been only going up.

With over 253.4K followers and 4.6M likes on TikTok, Dela Kate is churning out content consistently with topics ranging from relatable situations like having a #kilig moments with your crush, going on awkward reunions with friends, and of course, working out and eating right. On Instagram where she has over 3,000 followers, she shares fun stories about her adorable cat, her brand endorsements, and her school work–all of which are interesting and fun to check out any time of the day, especially when you’re feeling down. It’s pretty much why Dela Kate used her platform to share her story in the first place: she was once at rock bottom herself. In her exclusive interview with us, she shared how her fitness journey all began with people complaining about sitting next to her because of how big she was. It made her feel like the world was against her, therefore making her want to disappear. But just like any superstar, she made a pivot that changed her life and many others whom she has inspired. After losing weight thanks to her consistent workout and eating habits, she jumped on TikTok and shared her weight loss journey, which was akin to a rebirth.

This, coupled with her charming personality and candor, has propelled her to success on the entertainment platform and beyond. She has gotten brand sponsorships and interviews on shows like ours. Perhaps most important of all, I’d argue that her biggest success is her mastery of herself. She knows what she can and cannot do, what she wants and she’s willing to make sacrifices along the way to get there. She’s a go-getter, who has a humble heart and an open mind and that’s why she’s up for only more great success.