Empowering the Next Generation Through Content Creation with Athena "Atcha" Abe

Written by: Jam Ilagan | 9 months ago

The world is now experiencing a rapid modernization, and the use of social media has been ultimately helpful for communication, source of information, and raising awareness of issues that are relevant specifically to certain sides of the world. It is really great to know that the people of the modern generation are maximizing the use of the internet to teach, learn, inspire, and empower one another through creating content.

Nowadays, more people are engaged in social media. Their interests were captured by different content on various platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. No wonder why the people of new generations are very fond of being creative and trying to make content just like the people they follow. It is actually amusing that some really excel in the field they are into, and their contents are gaining more recognition. It is also great to hear stories like Athena’s who started with just having a small number of followers to having thousands and still counting. She has also mentioned that she is going to utilize her platform to express herself, and share knowledge but not as a full-time creator because she wants to do it out of passion, not by pressure, which is absolutely right. One of the dilemmas that the new generation is facing is the pressure to succeed. We cannot deny that in life, there are different competitions in various aspects. We are so busy focusing on reaching our ultimate goals, we almost forgot to care about our most important support system, ourselves. Atcha started uploading videos to have some memories to look back to after a few years and went on until now to express and show how the pandemic did not hold her back on what she wanted to be, and the opportunities she had that are beyond her expectations. Truly, she is an inspiration to the new generation.

Sometimes, holding on to dreams is our main objective in life. We cannot know what our future has to offer. It could be what we always wanted, it could be something we did not expect, or it could pass beyond our expectations. People will always have something to say. It depends on you if you are going to let it pass or let it linger on your mind. You can hold on to one goal, or on to many dreams. But most importantly, hold on to yourself.