Grace David, On Owning your Femininity in a Male-Dominated Field

Written by: Jam Ilagan | 9 months ago

As one of the strongest and most important factors to build a great community, education should be a top priority to foster learning for everyone. When a good education is provided and accessible for all, surely, the hope of a country towards greatness will come to light.

Advocacies and movements for education have been widely emerging. For a third-world country, it is a good thing to have people who truly care about providing quality education for the future of the younger generation. And the fact that most new-gen people have been very open to diversity in any aspect is a good indication that tomorrow brings a brighter day for everyone. has been promoting career awareness to Filipino youth for several years until now. Partnered with prestigious educational companies, they have provided a great deal of information and guidance not just to the students, but also to the teachers seeking professional growth and development.

In this podcast episode, we have discussed how Grace David, the CEO of, is truly an inspiration on how a woman could be a great leader in a world where normally, man has been dominating fields that they become an image and having a woman is somehow not a usual thing. She mentioned having some adjustments and adapting masculine attributes just to be taken seriously and show how she could be a great leader in a field dominated by men, which has been a struggle because she is holding back her natural way of showing leadership. She then decided to show her innate capability of becoming a leader as herself, a woman, and not just her coping in a male-dominated field.

Abante, babae!”. These words strongly show that women are truly capable of being a leader. Gender does not make a person lesser than anyone. Normalizing women can do what men can, should not be a discussion anymore because women can, and have always been able to do what men can do. We do not live on those times anymore. Women can, women are able, women are incomparable, and women will always be strong. It is the idea that the world should perceive.