The Indiependent Collective Presents: You Had Me at Hello

Written by: Daphne Sagun | 9 months ago

Romance, heartbreak, and drama­—this is what You Had Me at Hello has to offer. The story focuses on Thomas, an aspiring young writer, who is given a second chance at love after seeing Eve, the girl he ghosted during the pandemic. Reconnected through Professor Dela Cruz, the two are forced to talk about their past and confront their feelings.

Directed by Jeremiah Palma of MAYA Productions, the story perfectly captures what it feels like to be suddenly left behind by someone you care about. The seven-part series depict a lot of anger, pain, sadness, as well as forgiveness and love. When life itself makes a way for you to reconnect with someone you lost, wouldn’t you take the chance? Despite Thomas leaving Eve, life brought them back together. The question is, will Thomas and Eve re-ignite what they once had?

The Indiependent Collective teamed up with MAYA Productions to produce the 7-part web series. Written by Leah Angela Cioco, Alliah Importante, and Daphne Sagun, the story is based on Leah’s short story, Long Distance. The film stars theater actor Jiano Magdaraog, model and actress Jam Magno, and Indie-Co writer Jam Ilagan. The web series features a cover of Ben & Ben’s song, Lifetime, by Theo Suguitan, Nathaniel Guevarra, Zach Guevarra, and Kurt Arzaga.

Watch the series at The Indiependent Collective’s official YouTube channel and Facebook page! Stay tuned to see if Eve gives Thomas a second chance, or if she’ll be the one who walks away this time.