Iris Bites | Googly Treat That Does the Trick

Written by: Jam Ilagan | 9 months ago

A delightful dessert makes a meal complete. It is the last thing that people eat, and if the dessert is not good, it ruins everything. It is a good thing that in the Philippines, we have a lot of people with sweet tooth sharing their tastes in dessert by making good ones. Who doesn’t want a scrumptious dessert anyway?

Many youths have been engaging in starting small businesses and it is really good to see what they have become after all of their hard work. One of which is the Iris Bites. This dessert shop is run by two siblings - Xyrene and Chloe, both college students in different fields. They started their business by selling baked goods and pre-loved clothes in school before the pandemic happened. They planned to open a business last 2021 but started selling snacks at first until they have thought, and decided to conceptualize a dessert-only shop since it is one of the easiest products to sell and is consumable so people will tend to buy again if they will be satisfied. Then they started to take pre-orders last February 3, 2022. Cooking runs in their blood. They are using the special recipe their grandmother has been using.

Inspired by Cookie Monster, “It is not your usual chocolate chip cookies because we decided to put edible eyes on it. It became the trademark of our business.” Chloe said. They also have more to offer as they expand their menu soon since both of them are also busy with their studies. They also aim to grow their business into a coffee or pastry/dessert shop maybe three to five years from now. With their hard work, no doubt that soon, we will all be wanting to have a cup of coffee and a slice of delectable cake, or a piece of cookie with little googly eyes on it in one of their cafes. Aren’t you all excited about that?!

It is pleasant to have some pieces of sweet treats whenever we do not feel good. And it is better shared with our friends and loved ones, best when made together with them. As per Cookie Monster, “Sometimes, me think what is friend… well, maybe friend somebody you give up last cookie for.”

We can support their growing business! For orders and inquiries, you may visit their Facebook page Iris Bites, and their Instagram account IRIS BITES (@iris.bites_).