Jewelle Villarisco's Dream That Turned into a Reality

Written by: Alliah Importante | 10 months ago

Even at a young age, Jewelle Villarisco always liked to draw already. Jewelle remembers telling her nine years old self that being an artist is what she wants to do forever. It was like it was the career that she really wanted for herself. Even before starting a Facebook page, she would always post her creations on her personal social media account. At around 15 and 16, people began encouraging her to create her own art page for her works to reach more people. Jewelle was hesitant at first during that time because, in her mind, once she made one, her art would get a lot more people, and she was still timid. She even asked herself what if she received negative comments and all that.

Nevertheless, with all the encouragement from people close to her, Jewelle decided to start Jewie's Art Space. At first, it was a more personal space to store her drawings and post whatever she wanted. It became a literal space for her artworks, and many people then told her that maybe Jewelle needed to create a brand and be consistent in her posts. So by 2018-2019, she was finally able to realize where she wanted to go for Jewie's Art Space and until now, that's what she's been doing; hopefully, someday, her space can grow bigger.

As an artist based in the Philippines, Jewelle says that she finds inspiration in everything. Like most artists, she waits for inspiration to come for her to make her art. Jewelle then decided to stop waiting for those inspirations to arrive and started looking for them everywhere. That's how she finds inspiration in literally everything when she starts to go out of the comfort of waiting for them. Sometimes, Jewelle finds inspiration when walking her dog and seeing the sunset. 

She would take pictures of it, and when she could not, she would take mental images in her head instead. Back when Jewelle was traveling to Japan, taking mental photos came in handy because of the hassle of taking pictures when commuting, especially during rush hour. She even made a collection of artworks from those mental images she retained from her Japan trip and called it stories of Japan. Jewelle said her artworks are mostly memories that struck her and stayed on her mind. 

Sometimes, Jewelle shares her learning through her artworks when she reads a good book or watches a good video. Through her journey as an artist, Jewelle learned that the world has so much to offer art-wise, making her see inspiration everywhere, even in the simplest and smallest of things.