NCN Cosmetics | The Eyeshadow That Would Make you Beautiful, Bold, and Confident.

Written by: Jam Ilagan | 9 months ago

Can you just imagine watching television, and videos on the internet still on grayscale? If we’re gonna go back in time when it was the thing, and color for videos and photos still did not exist, the media would not be appealing as they do now. And also, adds stress to the artists and the team behind them because of the preparation they have to do just for the people to see black and white. It’s not quite good, isn’t it?

Here, we featured something that could add color and life to one’s face - an eyeshadow palette. NCN Cosmetics offers a vibrant, and unique eyeshadow palette, and quality makeup services by its very own CEO, Sophia Nacianceno. Started doing makeup on herself as a stage performer, she practiced and continued doing it, until it became something that makes her feel good and happy, it became a hobby, then realizes it is what she was good at. Having eyeshadows as her favorite makeup product, she introduced her first set of cosmetics namely Hot Girl Sh**, and Cute Girl Sh**. These two products offer a great set of colors for your eyes to look more what you wanted to, be it a showstopper, classy, too hot, baddie, etc. Strike a color you’d like on your eyelids and you’ll get the perfect, pigmented, lively, and robust appearance that everyone will surely find mesmerizing. Bold, indeed, Sophia grabbed the opportunity when it came and was never hesitant to take the risk in founding what she wants and what she was good at.

In partnership with The Indiependent Collective, when you register and attend the event, MORE THAN WORDS: Amplifying the Narrative of Women Leaders, you get to have a 20% discount on makeup services on any occasion done by the very founder of NCN Cosmetics, Sophia Nacianceno, and a 15% discount voucher for the product if you message directly and ordered from their Instagram page @ncncosmetics. Be bold, be daring, be unafraid. Support our very own. Choose NCN Cosmetics!