Product Review | Goodies That Greet You - Iris Bites Chocolate Chip Cookies

Written by: Natalya Patolot | 9 months ago

Iris Bites, famous for its classic chocolate chip cookies, has partnered with The Indiependent Collective for our March event, More Than Words: Amplifying The Narrative of Women Leaders. This one-hour event is a virtual conference dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs and providing a forum for growth and mentorship. It featured Content Creator & Public Speaker Athena Abe, Social Media Influencer & CEO of Rella Natalie Barbu, and CEO of Grace David.

In partnership with The Indiependent Collective, we also hosted a giveaway, where winners will receive the following benefits: (1) be part of one of our casting calls, (2) win a box of 6 pieces of chocolate chip cookies, (3) get a 10% discount code that is valid for one year, and lastly, (4) be featured on our social media sites as the giveaway winners. We highly encourage you to join and register for our upcoming event as we will be announcing the winners there.

Now, without further ado, let's get on with the review. I also posted my initial review on our Instagram.

Iris Bites' Chocolate Chip Cookies are definitely unique, at least for me. Its cute beady eyes really stood out to me. I mentioned in my previous review that you kinda make 'eye contact' with the cookie when you first bite into it. My friends would even joke that the cookies are sentient beings. Despite that, my family and I definitely enjoyed the experience.

First of all, the cookies were packaged nicely. They were secure and they fits nicely in the package. I also liked how the 'eyes' of the cookies were peeking a little bit, almost like it was greeting you. I appreciated the cute message on the side and how the packaging is environmentally friendly too!

As for the taste, it definitely did not lack in that department. In fact, it really exceeded my expectations! It's very soft and chewy. It's not too sweet and it's very buttery. It melts in your mouth and has this slight oatmeal after taste too. I personally think they did a great job and definitely deserve more attention! My grandmother even noted that it's "great for senior citizens" as well.

For only Php 100, you can get delicious palm-sized chocolate chip cookies from Iris Bites. What more could you ask for? Try it out now and use our discount code for 10% off your purchase. This coupon code is valid for 1 year.