Product Review | Introducing the Perfect Snack, Colin's Hamdesal!

Written by: Natalya Patolot | 9 months ago

Having a range of go-to snacks on hand is quite beneficial, especially during a hectic day. If you're looking for an affordable, filling, and delicious snack that can quickly energize you for the rest of the day, then I highly recommend that you try Colin's hamdesal.

Colin's Manila was right in describing itself as a “crafter of artisanal, quality, and delicious homemade ham”. Although I am not a big fan of ham, I truly enjoyed Colin's hamdesal. In a box of 4s, there are four different flavors - creamy, cheezy, special, and classic. Each hamdesal was soft, warm, and had the perfect blend of sweet, savory, and salty. Even though I embarrassingly ate four different types of hamdesal in one sitting, there was no “umay” factor and it's amazing when paired with coffee.

Personally, I loved the cheezy and creamy hamdesal the most. I also recommend heating it up a little bit in the microwave for the cheese and butter to melt more into the pandesal. Make sure to eat it quickly though so it wouldn't harden as pandesal has the tendency to do that when heated for too long. 

My family also told me their insights when they tried the hamdesal. I always make sure to involve them in these product reviews as there are three generations living in the house and it would be nice to hear their opinions on it, even if it differs from mine. My grandparents, in particular, loved the classic and special hamdesal the most. They fancy hamdesal a lot and my grandfather practically eats that every day for breakfast or mirienda, so you can trust him when he says that it is good as he is a self-proclaimed “hamdesal connoisseur”.

The hamdesal is also very filling. It's almost the size of a Whopper Jr. If a Whopper Jr. is enough to make you full, then Colin's hamdesal is guaranteed to provide you the same effect. I honestly had a food coma after I excitedly tried all of the flavors. 

Now, what about the packaging? I know that a lot of people really care about presentation but you don't need to worry about that. Colin's hamdesal was neatly packaged when it arrived. I liked how each hamdesal was individually packaged and labeled like a burger as well. 

All in all, Colin's hamdesal is definitely worth the try. If you're a hamdesal fanatic like my grandparents or would simply just like to try it out of curiosity, then you can purchase it now and use our discount code for 10% off. This coupon code is valid for one year.