Product Review | Ivy's Bakeshop's Cinnamon Rolls are to die for!

Written by: Natalya Patolot | 10 months ago

Cinnamon rolls are generally made out of five fundamental ingredients: dough, margarine, cinnamon, brown sugar, and icing. Despite the fact that most cinnamon roll recipes use the same fundamental ingredients, none come close to competing with the perfection that is Ivy's Bakeshop.

Ivy's Bakeshop has three flavors to choose from: classic cinnamon, chocolate, and coffee. I was able to taste their traditional cinnamon and chocolate flavor. The creamy, ooey-gooey topping of Ivy's Bakeshop's icing adds another depth of flavor. It's a final coating of perfection, painted all on their rolls.

Overall, the cinnamon rolls of Ivy's Bakeshop are very filling, delicious, soft, and fluffy. It did not have the dreaded “umay” factor at all. In fact, it made me want more with every bite. These cinnamon rolls are very affordable too. It's only Php 300-350 for a box of 6, and Php 400-450 for a box of 9. 

These cinnamon rolls are the perfect comfort food for a stressful day, a gift to a loved one, and even a celebratory dessert for special occasions and achievements.  Moreover, you can enjoy these ooey-gooey sweets for days and they will still taste excellent. Ivy's Bakeshop even recommends simply heating it for 10-20 seconds for the ultimate experience.

With that being said, these cinnamon rolls are definitely worth the try. Delicious, filling, and affordable - what more could you ask for? You can purchase it now and use our discount code for 10% off. This coupon code is valid for one year.