Ready, Aim, Fire: Alexandro “Xandro” Khemlani on Co-founding TaskMango

Written by: Daphne Sagun | 9 months ago

“Ready, aim, fire!” This is TaskMango’s Co-founder Alexandro “Xandro” Khemlani mantra in life. The young entrepreneur is filled with passion and vision for creating opportunities for the Filipino people, leading him to co-create TaskMango.

Unlike other entrepreneurs, Xandro didn’t experience a “lightbulb” moment with TaskMango. In an interview with him, he shared that he didn’t have a Eureka moment–his idea for his startup came when he noticed that the unemployment rate in the Philippines went up in 2020 and 2021. “It was more of like, seeing an opportunity and really doing a bit of research, and then testing out what the assumptions are–that’s really how my brain operates,” he shares.

TaskMango, a business startup focused on providing work opportunities for Filipino talents, has been through several ups and downs. The Co-Founder opened up about their struggles, especially when they were just beginning. “With the startup, the first few days we were scrambling, honestly,” he said. “Of course, we were getting adjusted as well at the time, and we started to get things off the ground. It’s a lot of testing, and a lot of adjusting, and a lot of changes along the way.”

"Ready, fire, aim!" has been Alexandro Khemlani's mantra

When asked about what advice he would give to young entrepreneurs, Xandro has a long list. He advises to freely adjust and learn throughout the journey, recalling his mantra, “Ready, fire, aim!” He also warns entrepreneurs about romanticizing startups, advising them to be practical and to do their research and preparation. He shares, “Entrepreneurship is super romanticized nowadays and people try to jump into it even without the right mindset, the right reasons. So be practical if you still need to build your safety nets or savings before jumping into it because it takes a lot of resources–time, money, and effort.”

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