The IndieCosplay Competition: 1st Runner-up Mannix Del Rosario’s Love for Cosplay

Written by: Daphne Sagun | 1 week ago

Photo by Mannix Del Rosario/Cinestill Studios

Think you’ve got rizz? Wait ‘til you see Mannix Del Rosario’s cosplay entry for The IndieCosplay competition!

Last January 26, 2023, IndieCo officially launched the very first The IndieCosplay Competition. A cosplayer, fitness enthusiast, and crafter, Mannix Del Rosario’s cosplay of Keigo Takami from My Hero Academia charmed its way into winning 1st runner-up in the competition. When asked about his cosplay entry, he shares that he chose Keigo Takami because he has an “unspoken rizz” that he wanted to highlight. In choosing his characters, Mannix shares that he likes to cosplay characters that are fan favorites, recommended by other people, and most importantly, characters that bring him joy.

For Mannix, the community is one of the reasons why he fell in love with cosplay. He recalls his first convention, where in spite of having a costume that was far from perfect, people still asked him for photos and appreciated it. He says that this is what makes the community special: “No matter how big you are in the cosplay community, everyone is actually a geek. So when they see their favorite character, often people would run to them starry-eyed to ask for a photo.”

Photo by Mannix Del Rosario


Aside from the community, Mannix also fell in love with the craft of cosplaying. “I thought I fell in love with cosplaying because of the people in the community, but it turned out that it was the passion for the craft that made me appreciate this hobby more,” he shares. The most difficult cosplay skill that he had to learn was sewing, but his excellent craftsmanship still comes through despite the difficulties.

One of his dream cosplays is to create a set of armor from the Monster Hunter franchise. “It’s always been a childhood dream of mine to wear their amazing pieces of armor,” Mannix shares. He also takes a lot of inspiration from Taryn Cosplay, Kamui Cosplay, and Deaky Coser. Other than cosplaying, Mannix spends  his time these days learning how to skate.

See more of Mannix Del Rosario’s cosplays through his official Facebook and Instagram accounts.