What makes a Seizure Salad?

Written by: Daphne Sagun | 10 months ago

Green day. Joy Division. Foo fighters. These are the ingredients that makeup Seizure Salad. Formed in 2017, the band explores the aches and pains of humanity through their pop-punk-infused hard rock music. From moody and ambient musing to punk-fueled rampages, Seizure Salad provides a cathartic experience to its audience.

With Noel, Luigi, Adam, and Jack, everything felt like it just fell into place. From a simple jamming session, Seizure Salad grew and started to perform and release their own songs. The band members had various personal music influences: Michael Jackson, Metallica, 70’s and 80’s music. Their individual stories of how they got into music are just as adorable. Drummer Adam Martinez shares that his journey started when he started tapping on his table. When his mom noticed, Adam was immediately enrolled in a drum school.

Why the name Seizure Salad? The band shares that there’s no real meaning to it—it’s a random name that was supposed to be a placeholder, but it stuck with them.

When the pandemic hit, instead of taking a break, the band decided to push themselves. Adapting to their circumstances, they were able to release song covers and even their own singles, Burning Light, Zombie, and Payaso. With Burning Light, their songwriting process started with the emotions, then they build it up and begin to stack up the lyrics. If you’re writing a song and it’s taking a long time, the band assures you that’s normal. They also advise to not worry too much about creating something “completely original”. When asked what keeps them going in music, the band shares that they love connecting with people through it.

As for their advice for aspiring musicians? To just do it. They encourage aspiring musicians to pursue music and embrace all the hardships, instead of making it their “what if?”

Get to know Seizure Salad more in their Indie-Co podcast episode, available on Spotify.