How Did This Band Become "The Great Dane"?

Written by: Karla Lorena | 9 months ago

Perhaps if the multiverse was real- some place where music is non-existent, these guys would be baristas, football players, managers, and businessmen. Luckily, they stumbled upon each other, and in this fortunate meeting of talents and passion, Chris Azanza, Brennan Ng, Christian Ng, and Joaquin Julio Reyes made possible the movin’ and groovin’ of ‘The Great Dane’ band. 

These groups of musicians started as students who were all eager to pursue the calling of their voices. When Bren and Christian went back from Singapore after serving in the army, they had jamming together with Chris and Joaquin. This was back in the summer before they enrolled at their respective universities, and in this ordinary setting and time, The Great Dane band came to life. 

It could have been the “Manila Tea Party.” “The Great Dane” was not the first among the choices when the group needed a name, yet it was the one that suits them best. People love dogs, and it could come as a great design when used as metaphors and symbolism. Even more so, one of our musicians, Joaquin, had two Great Dane dogs, which his bandmates had no idea of. It was only after their label was crafted that everyone learned about Joaquin’s pet. How fascinating is the turn of events? What started as a mere passion- a kid playing the piano, a little boy learning the chords of a guitar, a student singing in his room, a grown-up listening to funk and soul and rock and roll. every single thing led them to each other. And now, even a pet’s kind has become more than just a distinguishing breed. Now it is a band whose music has continuously given our hearts a good rhythm to beat to.

We might think of songs as something so easily perfected when in reality, it takes weeks, months, or years, for musicians to create one. Fortunately, The Great Dane band enjoys the process from start to end of how a song is conceived up until the very point of recording it. For them, pursuing your passion in music is much like an investment. It requires patience and dedication and faith. Though there might be countless disappointments along the way, everything eventually leads somewhere, and it will all come out in your songs. What keeps the band going despite the frustrations and challenges of being a musician, is the experiences that they all share with each other. The gigs that they’ve had, the invites from their alma mater, their back-to-back performance before the world shut everything down- all of these moments come back as stories that could never be replicated. These memories wouldn’t have been possible if Chris, Bren, Christian, and Joaquin didn’t breathe life into The Great Dane band. As such, they are calling all the people who have a great passion for music to seek out mentors and continuously learn from others who have taken a leap of faith to pursue their heart’s desire. More importantly, they want to remind not just the artists out there but everyone, to find individuals that inspire and support them, so they may build a circle that always brings out the best in them.