On Identity and Liberation: An Interview With IndieCo's Poetry Contest Winner, Kaye Enriquez

Written by: Ava Arnejo | 5 months ago

Kaye Enriquez, the winner of IndieCo's poetry competition, enthralls readers with her compelling piece, The Reverend’s Daughter. Through powerful verses, she delves into the depths of her soul, exploring themes of identity, self-discovery, and empowerment.

In this interview, Kaye invites us to walk alongside her on the path of poetry, revealing the inspiration behind her award-winning poem, her motivations for participating during Pride Month, and the profound messages that breathe life into her work. With insights into her creative process and invaluable advice for aspiring poets, Kaye's interview unveils the heart and artistry behind her captivating words.

Q: Can you share your inspiration behind the winning poem and what motivated you to participate in the contest?

With a voice imbued by her personal journey of self-discovery and liberation, Kaye unfolds the story behind the poem.

"This poem is an intimate reflection of my life as a lesbian raised in a conservative Christian household," she confides.

"It was a profound exploration of my identity, an attempt to reconcile my truth with societal expectations."

As Pride Month approached, Kaye recognized the opportunity to claim space for LGBTQ+ voices and connect with readers on a profoundly authentic level. "Participating in the contest during Pride Month felt like an empowering act of visibility and solidarity," she adds, her eyes filled with determination.

Q: What key themes or messages did you explore in your winning entry?

Kaye's poem, The Reverend’s Daughter unveils a tapestry of themes woven with emotional intensity and lyrical beauty.

"At its core, the poem celebrates the journey of embracing one's true self," Kaye explains. "It's about shedding the weight of external validation and finding empowerment in one's own authenticity."

Through evocative verses, she challenges conventional beliefs about salvation and urges readers to discover strength from within.

"I also explored the complexities of navigating personal growth while grappling with parental expectations," she reveals. "It was an attempt to portray the intricate interplay of our individual journeys and familial ties."

Q: Describe your creative process and any techniques you use to bring your ideas to life.

Delving into the heart of her creative process, Kaye reveals the ritual behind her poetic alchemy. "It begins with capturing the initial sparks of inspiration in my trusty journal or jotting down notes," she shares. "I allow my thoughts to flow freely in a stream-of-consciousness style, enabling me to explore my emotions and thoughts authentically."

As she crafts her verses, Kaye meticulously refines her words, weaving rhythm, vivid imagery, and captivating language. "Creating in an inspiring environment, often surrounded by nature, fuels my creativity," she adds. "I also maintain a consistent writing routine, allowing me to stay connected to the flow of my poetic expressions."

Q: How do you plan to build upon this success in your future writing endeavors?

"This experience has emboldened me to share my voice through poetry on diverse platforms," she says. "I plan to create an anthology, a compilation of poetic works that delve deep into themes of identity, empowerment, and resilience."

Beyond her personal pursuits, Kaye seeks to collaborate with fellow artists and contribute to inclusive literary initiatives. "I want to use my platform to uplift and amplify diverse voices, especially those within the LGBTQ+ community," she states with unwavering passion.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring writers interested in exploring the art of poetry?

“Embrace your uniqueness and fearlessly tell your own story," she advises. "Write from the depths of your heart, experiment with different poetic forms, and don't be afraid to revise your work until it reflects your true voice."

She emphasizes the importance of seeking feedback from trusted peers and immersing oneself in extensive reading. "Reading poetry from diverse voices will open your mind to the vast possibilities of expression," she assures.

With grace and artistry, Kaye Enriquez stands as a testament to the power of poetry in embracing identity and liberation. Through her winning poem, she reveals her heart. She invites readers into a world of profound emotion and self-discovery.

As she embarks on her future writing endeavors, Kaye's commitment to uplifting LGBTQ+ voices and fostering inclusivity in literature promises a lasting impact. Aspiring poets can draw inspiration from her journey, encouraged to explore the art of poetry with unwavering authenticity and boundless passion.

Through her verses and lines, Kaye is reshaping the literary landscape, celebrating the beauty and diversity of the human experience, one poignant word at a time. To read more of Kaye’s work and other poems, you can purchase To Love and Be Loved on our Shopee page.