The IndieConnect Sale: Uniting Local Brands, Talent, and Community

Written by: The Indiependent Collective Team | 5 months ago

The IndieConnect Sale, an exciting event celebrating local brands and talent, took place on June 10, 2023, at the vibrant Kapeyapaan Cafe Bistro in the heart of Quezon City. With a vision to support small local brands, promote their work, and provide a platform for showcasing their merchandise, The IndieConnect Sale aims to foster a sense of community and creativity while empowering emerging talents and performers.

Situated at the corner of Sicaba Street and NS Amoranto in Barangay St Peter, this event was a hub of energy, creativity, and inspiration. From 9 am to 8 pm, attendees had the opportunity to explore an array of unique products, discover new talent, and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for supporting local businesses.

The IndieConnect Sale goes beyond being a mere market; it is a celebration of the rich diversity of local brands that make up the fabric of the Philippine creative landscape. Visitors were treated to a curated selection of handmade crafts, artisanal products, fashion items, and artworks, all carefully crafted by talented individuals from the local community. 

Among the esteemed partner sellers participating in the IndieConnect Sale are The Owl Duo, TheKneeeCaps, Zeke Mats, Behind The Knots, and Gotchu.Ams. Each of these brands brings a unique offering to the event, showcasing their creativity, craftsmanship, and passion for their respective fields. From intricately designed jewelry to desk mats, there is something for everyone at the IndieConnect Sale.

"We are thrilled to have these exceptional partner sellers on board for IndieConnect. Their dedication to their craft and commitment to supporting the local creative scene perfectly aligns with our event's vision," says Klaire Dubouzet, one of the organizers of IndieConnect.

In addition to the partner sellers, the IndieConnect Sale is also made possible by the generous support of Googie. Googie has graciously sponsored the event, providing select attendees, sellers, and open mic performers with a jar of their delectable alcoholic gummies. This partnership further enhances the event experience, adding a touch of indulgence and celebration to the vibrant atmosphere of The IndieConnect Sale.

"Googie's sponsorship adds an extra element of excitement to the event. Their alcoholic gummies are a unique and delicious treat, and we are grateful for their support in making IndieConnect an unforgettable experience for all involved," Dubouzet adds.

Beyond the array of products and talented sellers, The IndieConnect Sale spotlighted emerging talent in the artistic and musical spheres. Throughout the day, visitors enjoyed live performances from up-and-coming musicians, bands, and spoken-word artists.  The performances of Denise Langurayan, Elaine Tiu, Daphne Sagun, Carlson Badua, and Kent Ogares added a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere to the event, providing a platform for aspiring talents to be heard and discovered. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of The IndieConnect Sale is the significant number of first-time performers, first-time sellers, and first-time open mic participants who have taken the stage. The event has provided a supportive platform for these individuals to showcase their talent, courageously stepping into the spotlight and sharing their creativity with the audience.

"We believe that by bringing together creative individuals, we can inspire one another and create a stronger support network within the local community," says Dubouzet. "IndieConnect is all about collaboration and celebrating the unique talents that exist within our city. We hope that through this event, we can empower each other and create a sustainable ecosystem for the creative industry."

The atmosphere at the IndieConnect Sale is one of encouragement, empowerment, and celebration of these newcomers. Visitors had the opportunity to witness the raw talent and passion of these emerging individuals, fostering an environment that supports and uplifts local creativity.

With its dedication to supporting local brands, showcasing emerging talent, and building connections within the community, the IndieConnect Sale was an event that impacted both attendees and participants alike. By providing a platform for new talents and fostering a sense of community, the Indiependent Collective has successfully achieved its goal of empowering others and creating a space where creativity can flourish.